1. About Wicca & Witchcraft

    Wicca, the religion practiced by many witches, is one
    of the fastest growing religions in the United States.
    But what is Wicca? For now, let’s just say that Wicca is
    an Earth-based religion founded on ancient beliefs.
    Wicca is a welcoming religion. Wiccans do not exclude
    anyone based on their race, color, sex, age, national or
    cultural origin, or sexual preference. Not all Wiccans
    are witches, and not all witches are Wiccan, but a lot of
    them are.
    By the way, Wiccans don’t use the word “warlock” to
    refer to male witches. Male witches are witches, too.
    A warlock is a person who has broken an oath and
    because of that has been ostracized from the community.
    If you have violated an oath you can also be
    warlocked or ostracized and ignored.
    There are many different traditions in the Wiccan religion.
    We’re going to talk mostly about Wiccan witches,
    and in this book we will use the terms “Wicca” and
    “witch” interchangeably. We’ll explain more about
    Wicca, witches, and their history in the sections and
    chapters that follow. So, read on, have a great time
    learning about Wicca and witchcraft, and welcome
    Supernatural Abilities?
    Everybody has the ability to channel energy. In a
    sense, everything you do happens because of this ability.
    You decide you want a snack. So, you get up, go into the kitchen, pick up an apple, and take a bite.
    That’s simple. You’ve used your physical energy to
    move your body. Everybody can use other more subtle
    kinds of energy, too. We all have an inherent power
    within us to 1) take control of our own lives and 2)
    make things happen. Because many of us have been
    taught by our religion, the education system, or our
    parents to always look to outside authorities, we have,
    to a large extent, repressed this ability. Using energy, or
    powers, to control your life and make things happen is
    just as much a part of the natural world as getting up
    from your chair.

    There’s nothing supernatural about a witch’s abilities. Some people see these abilities
    as greater than ordinary and call them “supernatural,” but the forces that witches use
    are available to all of us and are, thus, ordinary. Witches use natural energies to enhance
    their lives and to heal and protect themselves, their loved ones, and the Earth.
    Are you secretly hoping that a force over which you have no control will possess you?
    That it will make all your decisions for you and tell you how to live your life? No such
    luck! Witchcraft can help improve your life, but you still must make responsible choices.
    When you study witchcraft, you learn more about yourself, your needs, and your wants.
    That knowledge will help strengthen the inborn power you already have. And that, not
    some unseen force, just might help you decide what to order for lunch.
    Or, Super Abilities in the Natural?
    A witch’s powers may be super or, well, powerful, but they are natural. We’re not talking
    about powers like the ones Samantha Stevens from Bewitched had. What she did
    on that TV show often was unnatural! Just one twinkle of her nose cleaned her house
    in a flash. (Wouldn’t that be nice?)
    When you start to learn about your abilities, the natural energies you were born with,
    you’ll start to understand what that force is—and that the energy is in all of us.
    When you learn to focus on your natural energy, you’ll learn to increase it, channel
    it, and send it out into the world. You probably won’t be able to turn someone into
    a toad, but is that something you’d really want to do? Our natural energies make
    up our power, and we can use that power in the natural world to do natural things.
    Using your energy is not a substitute for action, though. You still have to write up
    your resume, mail it out, and go to interviews for that job you want. If you use your
    magickal energies, too, they may just help land you a great offer. Powers are a special
    blessing that we all have. Some witches believe that their powers come from the
    Goddess (we’ll discuss this a bit more later in the chapter). Either way, just know that
    you have them. If you open your heart and mind, you can use your powers. And the
    more you work with them the better, the more powerful, you become.


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